VBSK is a registered Non- Govt, Non Political, Non Religious, Non Profitable multidimensional rural based social voluntary organization has been working since 1987 for the total upliftment and socio economic changes of down-trodden section of the people as well as grass root level people for poorest of the poor in the different districts of West Bengal, specially in the district of South 24 Parganas, Nadia etc. according to need in time to time in all over India

VBSK sincerely believes in human and social development through conscious efforts of the people by themselves. People should realize their problems and fell to solve the problem with the help of us in our operational area. We shall work with them as "Friend, Philosopher and Guide".

a) VBSK has been registered under the "INDIAN TRUST ACT ", 1882 by Govt. West Bengal.

VBSK has broad base memorandum & Bye-Laws of Association including all shorts of social activities may arise time to time. It may work through out the country in case of emergent situation it can work. It is the constitutional provision. It has an well constituted Trust Board.Mr.Amar Nath Naskar social activist having a long experience in the area of planning, administration, rural community development, well associated with the Disabled sector(NGO Section) as the secretary of our institution. Mr.Som Nath Mukherjee-MSC, AMIC, Nutritionist, expertisation and experience of Envion- ment in anti pollution as a chairman of the organization.

b) VBSK has been registered under FERA ACT, 1976 by Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India
c) VBSK has been registered under 809(5) & VI and 12A of Income Tax Act by Govt. of India.
d) VBSK has been registered PWD by the commissioner of Disability, Govt of WB

We have 7 members of the Executive Committee having three member of female who have sufficient knowledge and experience expertise in the field of Social Welfare & Social development.

We have also a handful of well experienced ladies and gents as worker with high professional acumen.


The registered office of the organization located at Village Dam Dama under Baruipur block in the Dist. of South 24 Parganas of West-Bengal is responsible for overall planning, management, & co-ordination general administration, accounts, liaison with Central, State Govt. National International & Local Institutions.
At the management level it is managed by a team of experts comprising professional men from various strata of society responsible for planning, coordination & implementing the various projects & liaison with various agencies. At the field level, works with the communities are done under the facilitation of community organizers who have specialization in rural and urban services.




A Self Reliant Society, free from the evils of caste, creed, gender discrimination, illiteracy, ill health, poverty & exploitation, where men and women move ahead hand- in- hand and in perfect harmony with nature, so as to attain higher levels of humaneness and camaraderie.




To provide meaningful opportunities to the poor and disadvantaged, with particular emphasis on the empowerment of women and other vulnerable sections of the society, so as to achieve high level of sustained social & economic development.




The main aims of the organization are all round development of L^""^ deprived, distress, Backwards and down-trodden rural people including SC/ST/Others. Specially emphasis on women and child welfare, aged welfare, on poverty alleviation through income generation programme with the active help of social workers.

  • To improve the low status of women.
  • To help sustained the community to reduce health hazards.
  • To eradicate the evils of illiteracy.
  • To spread out the broad base education.
  • Eradication of distinction on basis of class, community, creed or race by promoting unity, peace, love & brotherhood among st people of different community and classes.
  • Ensure gender equity through gender sensivity and gender awareness
  • Ensure socio economic- cultural awareness among the people .
  • Development of unexplored potentials of the disadvantaged and helping them   nurture those, contributing to the human community at large,
  • Organize women of disadvantage, specially of the unorganized  sector and help them to upgrade their standard of living   throuh h optimum use of their inherent skill & resources,
  • Organizing relief and rehabilitation activities in times of natural calamities

Poor people belonging to scheduled caste, scheduled tribes and other backwards communities and specially the women and children living in extreme poverty and privation are the target  groups of the organization




Through constitutionally we are entitled to work within the country and emerging circumstances we are working any part of the World. For time